St. John of God during His Madness: Anxiety

St. John of God during His Madness: Anxiety – Milo Duke


  1. Finnian Gallagher / Br says

    Hey All, what an amazing coincidence that this item is being featured today with the feast day of Saint John of God (1495-1550) just two weeks away. John Ciudad died on March 8th , his 55th birthday, in Granada, Spain. Here he had earned the nick name “Juan de Dios” instead of John the Bookseller or John the Madman, although there is a brilliant biography “John of God: Loco in Granada” available on amazon. It was his passionate love of God which John shared with those he cared for and with his benefactors. His appeal for alms was an evangelising cry in the streets of Granada; “for the love of God do good for yourselves, by doing good for others” God is Love.

    • Patrick Doak says

      I have for the past seven years admired the stories of saint John of God. I believe the Divine has carved our lives and paths we will walk during our time here on the earth plain. A learning experience that perhaps likens to saint John of God, his perceived maddness was a reflection of the good he tried to do for all others regardless of status. I believe that a true representative of saint John of God should live by the honour in which he gave his life, the current custodians of that initial journey have failled to walk in the footsteps of saint John of God. I always said != I dont mind which rich mans door door I carry a body to for a proper burial, unfortunately these days its about carrying a direct debit mandate to the door of the rich man…….Think about your journey in life and remember for each life you touch in a positive christ like manner, you extend that good deed to thousands more…….Namaste

  2. Patrick Doak says

    Pity you did not live by his ideas and values finnian, sometimes a mirror is too much when you can see the real you……

  3. St. John of god worker says

    Brother Finnian it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with you. You do St John of God proud. You are an inspiration to good genuine people who “care” for others.

  4. patrick says

    I wonder who this worker is..?.? It certainly is not someone who worked with finian

  5. St. John of god worker says

    Oh I did indeed work with Brother Finnian and he was and is an amazing representative of St John of God. Pity St John of Gods reputation was ruined by a con man who should be ashamed of himself. Namaste.

  6. Owenvale worker says

    I loved St John of Gods work, if only we could all live by his ways, eh Patrick??? God works in mysterious ways, KORMA being one of these. The day the light of truth shines on you il be there praying that God will forgive everything you have wrongly touched, and pray he helps the people you have wrongly deceived, the dead and alive.

    Be careful of the smile that holds a million lies patrick one day “the patrick show”will end ONE DAY

    Love and light

  7. says

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