Sketchy characters, meet the crime lab

Brian Joseph Davis shows us the face of The Misfit, Edward Rochester, Emma Bovary, and more – using the latest technology. Readers are invited to submit descriptive passages from literary works to Davis’ website, where he uses law enforcement composite sketch software to bring the characters to life. Tour the gallery (we were intrigued by the “silver fox” appearance of The Misfit, in keeping with our latest issue’s focus on Flannery) and submit your own ideas at

What do you think of the sketches so far – are they just as you pictured?


  1. BA says

    All rather creepy, no? Actually, The Misfit seems the better looking one of the whole bunch. Someone I imagined him a little more heavyset, and with more a look of . . . purpose, or something. They do get the scholarly look right, but he seems not so much a misfit as a very well-adjusted grandpa. And Mr. Ripley looks nothing like Leonardo DiCaprio, so clearly the software is broken.