An Important Message from Arthur Powers

Those who perceive in themselves… the artistic vocation as poet, writer, sculptor, painter, musician, and actor feel at the same time an obligation not to waste this talent but to develop it, in order to put it to service of their neighbor and the humanity as a whole. (Pope John Paul II)


Those of us who envision—and are working toward—a Catholic literary renewal need to recognize the vital importance of literary magazines. Literary magazines are the proving ground—the arena in which younger writers can first have their voices heard, and older writers can experiment with new concepts, new ways of expressing things.

Enter Dappled Things. In 2005, a group of Catholic university and graduate students decided—correctly—that there was a crying need for a Catholic literary magazine. DT  has flourished—publishing excellent fiction, poetry, essays, and artwork—reaching a growing readership and gaining recognition as an important player in the literary world.

DT is brought to press entirely through the voluntary work of some of the best young editors in America. They need and deserve our support. This year they are working to further the magazine’s mission in many ways—

  • Increasing subscribers
  • Reaching out to libraries and to Catholic colleges and high schools
  • Getting copies of the magazine into the hands of key leaders and decision makers
  • Continuously updating DT’s website (the number of readers visiting the website doubled during 2011)

Dappled Things will not survive without our support.  Please subscribe, read the magazine, recommend it to friends.  Please also send a donation (you can do so online or by check)—even a small donation helps DT to show breadth and depth of support. Those who can donate at the Silver ($250), Gold ($500), or Platinum ($750+) levels will we receive—as a thank you—a signed, limited edition print of artwork previously published in the journal, and will appear in our list of major supporters in future editions of DT. Dappled Things depends on your donations, so please consider making a gift today.

Thank you. Together we can make it possible for Dappled Things to continue its mission.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Arthur G. Powers

(Arthur Powers is an award-winning author and a proud Dappled Things donor)